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Traditions - Our Lady of Victory School

Opening Mass of the Year

This Mass is offered during the first week of school. It is a Mass to which all members of Our Lady of Victory community are invited. It is designed to set the tone for the coming academic year by acknowledging our need for God’s assistance in all that we do.

Christmas Program

Our children participate in an annual Christmas Program. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of the OLV community to gather in the spirit of the season and give praise, through word and song, to the Savior.

Christmas Eve Mass

School students combine with parish students from other educational settings to participate in many aspects of the children’s liturgy.


Each year we hold an event that is the major fund-raising event of the year.

Blue – White

The students are divided into two teams, blue or white, when they enter OLV. These teams compete at our annual Field Day event, and the colors are sometimes used for other school spirit activities during the academic year.

Field Day

This is the culmination of the school year for the athletic program. The students compete for blue and white points in field day activities, resulting in one team’s dominance until the next year.

Born for This

Middle schools students participate in a dramatic presentation of the Stations of the Cross

Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

This is, perhaps, one of the most compelling of our traditions, as it is the introduction to the first participatory sacraments for our younger children. First Communion is followed by a reception for the children and their families.


This traditional bestowal of the sacrament takes place every other year. It provides an opportunity to the entire OLV community to reaffirm their commitment to their faith.

Spring Music and Arts Night

In this finale for the school year, the choir, band, art department and 8th grade host an evening for the enjoyment and entertainment of all–school, families, friends and parishioners.


Graduation is held the first Friday in June. It is a time for the school community to gather together in liturgical celebration for our eighth grade students upon completion of the academic curriculum.

Awards Assembly and Mass

An Awards Assembly is held at the end of each quarter to celebrate the achievements of our students. The last day of school finds the entire school community gathered to share their thanks for a year well-ended through celebration of the Eucharist. Kindergarten graduation is held at this Mass, and yearly awards are given to students.