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Scholarly Excellence - Our Lady of Victory School

Academics at OLV

Our Lady of Victory commits to a Catholic learning environment that promotes scholarly excellence and fosters moral and spiritual growth. OLV’s Catholic tradition is the foundation of its purpose, mission and vision. The belief that each person is created in the image of God, worthy of respect with unique gifts and called to an individual mission is OLV’s heart and soul.

Scholarly Excellence

Our 18 full-time faculty members, six part-time teachers and four instructional assistants are dedicated, diverse and invested in their students. OLV is blessed with an enthusiastic and award-winning principal, a top-notch administrative team and a strong relationship with the pastor and parish staff. All faculty members participate in educational seminars and most hold advanced degrees.


  • National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, awarded 2007 & 2016
  • 100% of our graduates go on to attend the best Catholic and Independent schools in the region.
  • OLV students are annually ranked among the top 10-15%, nationally in reading and math.
  • Locally, OLV is ranked as one of the top-performing schools in the Archdiocese of Washington.
  • 8th graders’ scores on the High School Placement Test are among the highest of all those applying to high school.
  • OLV students out-perform DCPS public and charter school students in both reading and math.
  • Spanish: PK3 – 8th grade
  • Latin: 6th, 7th & 8th grade
  • STEM: PK3 – 8th grade
  • Computers: PK3 – 2nd grade
  • Art: 1st – 8th grade
  • Music: PK3 – 8th grade
  • Library: PK3 – 5th grade
  • Physical Education: PK3 – 8th grade

We offer a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for the challenges of high school and beyond. Most OLV graduates go on to attend the best Catholic high schools in the metropolitan area; occasionally a graduate moves out of the area or chooses a magnet program for high school.

Specialized classes that focus on Spanish, Latin, art, technology, music and physical education complement our core curriculum, and enrichment opportunities are available during and after school, with the DC area offering a multitude of exciting field trip opportunities.

Developing Young Scholars

math-class-2nd-1OLV embodies its purpose of developing young scholars in many ways from PK3 through 8th grade.

OLV’s small size (208 students, average class size of 18) and dedicated teachers create an intimate environment allowing individual attention from faculty and staff. Across all grades, students receive instruction in reading and math in very small, flexible instructional groups to provide an optimum student- to- teacher ratio. Responsive Classroom, a program used throughout all grades, encourages a sense of belonging, cooperation, self-worth and mutual respect.

Teachers use differentiated instruction in the classroom with the goal of reaching all students according to their learning styles. All teachers offer time during lunch, recess and after school to provide additional assistance to students who need it and instructional assistants are available in grades PK3 through 5,
Teachers encourage homework by offering assistance during the day and after school. Homework is posted daily on the school’s website, and teachers may provide handouts or share internet links and other helpful resources, for additional student enrichment at home.


TandL2OLV is proud of its 1:1 technology to student ratio. Full sets of tablets and laptops are available in classrooms and interactive multi-media boards are accessible in each instructional space. Nearly all the current textbook resources have material available on-line for students to access remotely. Computer classes are held weekly for students in grades PK3 through second grade, primarily focused on the development of keyboarding skills. The focus shifts in third grade to utilizing technology as a tool to enhance learning and prepare students for high school.