Our Lady of Victory School has been a home to populations of bright and eager students for over 50 years. In that half-century, the school has played an important role in the life of the parish as well as the larger community. Students learn not only the academics they need to succeed, but the faith and values that guide them throughout their lives.

Through the years, many people have been touched by the life and ministry of those who have served and learned together here at Our Lady of Victory. From the very beginning, excellence in teaching and the importance of learning were accompanied by outreach and service. These life-lessons formed hundreds of caring, committed people who live the Gospel and willingly and purposefully pass it on to the next generation.

For more information regarding Alumni events and activities, please contact us at 202-337-1421, ex.111, orĀ admin@olvschooldc.org.

May Our Lady of Victory continue to bless and intercede for us in the generations to come.

Go Victory!